Case study

Premium Video Success

Client name
It’s Complicated
Healthcare Marketplace

Challenge: Increase Platform Conversion and Revenue

It’s Complicated is a marketplace where end-user consumers can find psychotherapist providers that match their individual preferences. The platform’s business model features a subscription membership paid by independent providers. The platform wanted to find a way to increase revenue and needed a compelling offering for providers to subscribe to a new premium subscription level. Given the competitive landscape, the platform is always looking for ways to add value for its providers and patients.

Solution: Partnering with TakeOne

It’s Complicated partnered with TakeOne to offer providers a new premium tier subscription which includes the ability to create professional introductory videos for their profile page.

The videos recorded with TakeOne help them book more patients, get better client matches, save time on calls with non-relevant patients, and ensure patients start their first session with increased comfort.

The therapy providers were thrilled that TakeOne empowered them to record professional videos quickly and easily, replacing the high cost and inconvenience of hiring a videographer with an expensive camera, lights, and a film crew. TakeOne’s easy-to-use smartphone app guides the user through a few easy steps, that produces an effective and high-quality video - without technical skills or video experience.

The Platform Wins
  • Enhanced UX
  • Fast integration
  • Quality content
The Therapist Wins
  • More clients and better matches
  • Save $1,000s on professional videography
  • Effortless recording experience
The Client Wins
  • Easy to compare providers
  • More comfortable initial session
  • Quicker decisions


The TakeOne solution matched the skill levels and professionalism that the therapists desired. When It’s Complicated introduced a premium tier subscription that included the TakeOne video profile, the results spoke for themselves:
increase in revenue in just 6 months, for It’s Complicated.
The joint venture saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in professional video production and coordination costs.
more conversions for therapists with profile videos.
It’s Complicated heard positive feedback from their clients - overwhelmingly positive recording experiences and high satisfaction with the quality of the videos.
With TakeOne, It’s Complicated knows it is maintaining a high standard for their user experience, brand, and platform design. The videos recorded with TakeOne by providers are consistent in quality and are now a benchmark standard on the platform.

Key features that our partners love

Seamless API integration into the platform for a smooth, frictionless experience for the providers.
TakeOne’s integrated streaming and hosting services save months of backend development.
Our AI-powered mobile app empowers providers to easily record professional videos of themselves, using just their phones.

But don’t just take our word for it! See what our partner at It’s Complicated had to say:

Robbie Hollis

Head of Product at It’s Complicated

TakeOne has provided immense value to both the therapists and clients that use our platform. Therapists are now able to enrich their profiles with an introduction video, enabling them to share more about themselves than they could just via written text. Clients are now able to access chemistry with a therapist prior to booking a first session, adding convenience to their journey. On top of all this, TakeOne has been a pleasure to work with, they've built an easy to integrate solution that took less than one week to get setup

And what end-users had to say:

It was a great experience using the app, super simple and professional!
Zsofia Varga,

Counselling Psychologist

Really great app! Super easy to use even if you don't know anything about video-making. You just follow the instructions and the result is super nice!
Fanny Isnard Persson

Accredited Therapist

I have finished my video and published it. I am pleased with the result and I wanted to say thank you. TakeOne has succeeded in making a complex process accessible to an unskilled person working on their own. This is a big achievement. Well done. Much appreciated.
Graeme Galton

Registered Psychotherapist