Why should you care about video quality?

Why should you care about video quality?

Amateur-looking videos make your users and platform seem unprofessional.
High-quality authentic videos raise conversion, engagement, and revenue.

Get your users excited and invested in your product, drive adoption, and results.

Save your team and users time
Raise conversion rates
Drive engagment
Establish better matches

One place to manage the entire video creation and distribution process

Meet the TakeOne suite

Admin portal
Manage all videos and stats in one place.
Find, review, and manage all videos
Analyze stats and gain insights
Create users, send scripts
A/B test new use cases
API Keys generator
Save time and coordination efforts
Improve engagement, retention and conversions through insights
Accelerate integration and A/B testing
Mobile App
Empower your users to create effective and professional videos, using just their phones
Real-time AR guidance
Tools for effortless natural recording
AI video and audio quality enhancement
Consistent professional quality videos
Save your users significant time and raise user and customer satisfaction
Raise conversions
and lower CAC
Plug and play
Integrate our automated video infrastructure that is ready for scale
Make TakeOne app a feature within your flow
Get videos and thumbnails immediately and automatically
Automate video life cycle, from initiation, through creation to distribution
Seamless and immediate integration into any platform or app
1-day integration
Removes friction points for user
Hosting and streaming
Light and smooth experience
Easily and smoothly embed videos in any part of your platform.
Flexibility to present the videos in a player that fits your brand’s design
Light and smooth playback
6 month development time saved
High Service Level
Support Services
Avoid added responsibilities
7 days support for admins, customers and end-users
Premium assistance integration process for both product and development teams
Videos and data migration availability
Great customer and user satisfaction
Minimal onboarding
Comprehensive solution
1 Week
saved in production costs
more conversion